Beaphar Anti-plaque and Anti-tartar Toothbrush

Specially designed brush with soft-grip handle and two shaped heads. Each head has different length bristles, ensuring even hard-to-reach areas of the mouth are kept clean. For cats and dogs of all sizes.

The Beaphar Toothbrush, in combination with Beaphar Toothpaste, offers cost-effective, easy to use protection for your cat or dog’s teeth. Early plaque formation must be brushed away in order to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. This two-ended brush can be used for all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs. The handy soft grip ensures the brush does not slip through your hands when brushing. The brush is specially designed to suit the shape of your pet’s teeth. The different lengths of bristle help you to reach all the teeth, even in difficult to reach places in your pet’s mouth. Additionally, the bristles are soft and flexible for optimal protection of the gums.

Before you start brushing your pet’s teeth it is important to get them used to having their mouth and teeth touched. Begin by lifting your pet’s lips to expose the teeth – reinforce this by giving the lots of fuss and praise. Once your pet is used to having the outside of their mouth touched, start running your finger along their teeth. Next you introduce the toothpaste by squeezing a small amount onto your finger and letting your pet lick it off – Beaphar Toothpaste is liver flavoured so most cats and dogs love it. Once they are used to the taste of toothpaste, introduce the toothbrush. Wet the bristles first and then squeeze a little toothpaste onto it and letting your pet lick it off. When they are comfortable with this, you can begin brushing. Start by brushing a few teeth, then gradually increase the teeth brushing time until you can brush all your pet’s teeth. Make sure your pet always has a bowl of fresh drinking water available after brushing, and clean the toothbrush after use. Brushing removes food particles and reduces bacteria, and should be carried out daily for maximum benefit. Replace toothbrush after three months or sooner if the brush looks worn.

Reaches all the teeth
Small and large size heads
Handy soft grip


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Not for human use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not permit your pet to chew on the brush. Avoid using human toothpaste with pets as it contains a foaming agent and may irritate their stomach.




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