Cat Litter Deodoriser Beads – Lemon

Efficient Cat Litter Deodorizer Beads: The cat litter box deodorising beads can effectively eliminate smelly odour of cat litter box

 Friendly & Convenient: The litter deodorant bead use safety & healthy natural-extraction activated-carbon to reduce and eliminate the odour.

Easy to Use: Our pet deodorising beads is easy to use, gently sprinkle some to the litter box, the deodoriser beads start work and reflect the effect in 4-6hours, with durable performance.

Safety Natural-Extraction: The deodorising beads use nontoxic natural-extraction, smell is light and elegant.

Wide Application: The cat litter deodoriser beads is perfect for cat litter.


Availability: In stock

Size: 250ml

Scent: Lemon

Suitable for all kinds of litter


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