Cat Nip Spray

For hours of fun, shake well and spray on toys, scratchers, and pet bedding. Catnip naturally stimulates most cats, providing a burst of playful energy, usually followed by peaceful relaxation.

Irresistible Attraction: Watch your furry friend’s excitement and mental stimulation as they’re irresistibly attracted to their toys, scratching post, and bedding, infused with catnip. It’s the secret to turning any spot into their favourite hangout, ensuring they’re joyfully engaged and entertained.

This cat nip spray is completely safe and non-toxic, enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is having fun safely.


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How to use:

Spray the Cat Nip on their scratching post to encourage scratching

Spray the Cat Nip in their carrier bag to encourage them to enter and positively associate with it

Spray the Cat Nip on toys to encourage them to play

Size: 50ml


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