Indoor Pet Toilet

The indoor pet toilet is perfect for indoor dogs and for those rainy days when you cant take your dogs out.

The toilet has a fenced Design to avoid splashing of the urine outward and keep dogs paws dry. The bottom of the toilet has an anti-slip surface to prevent the toilet from moving.

The dog potty toilet can absorb about 1 liter of urine.

Cleaning the pet toilet is very convenient and quick. All you need to do is to rinse the double layer with soapy water.

These toilets come with a simulation wall and a stump for male dogs.

Plug the wall into the mat,urine will spread directly into the urinal pad holder, and the dog toilet can keep your pet’s feet dry and clean. Dogs potty training toilet is made of high-quality plastic. Suitable for all sizes of pets.


Dimensions45 × 66 cm


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