Pedigree Denta Tubos Puppy Dog Wrap (3 Sticks) Treats – Chicken

Puppies love to chew, but it’s important for them not to chew anything too hard, that could damage their teeth. Pedigree Puppy Denta Tubos dental chew sticks have a unique shape and texture specially designed to be kind to developing teeth and gums. These dog chews are calcium rich for healthy growth and development and they taste great, much better than a chair leg or your new shoes! Tubos Puppy dog treats are also low in fat, with no added sugar and are free from artificial colours and flavours. Treat your dog with Pedigree Puppy Denta Tubos dental chews for dogs to help start a good chewing habit early.


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Feeding Guide:

Small breed puppies e.g. Dachshund, feed up to half a chew per day. Medium breed puppies e.g. Cocker Spaniel, feed up to one chew per day. Large breed puppies e.g. Labrador, feed up to one and a half chews per day.

Suitable for puppies aged 4 – 12 months.

Not suitable for puppies under 5 kg.


Cereals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Chicken), Minerals, Seeds, Oils and Fats, Herb.


3 Sticks

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