Slow Feeder

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Can help your pet slow down while eating to prevent choking and vomiting,obesity and indigestion.

The unique design of the dog bones in the bowl brings slow eating pleasure to your dog feeder dog bowl. Even the fastest pets can effectively help them slow down their eating.

The Slow Feed Dog Bowl Is made of eco-friendly Pp material,environment friendly that meet pet food safety standards, high temperature resistance, strong and Bite-resistant, non-toxic, harmless, to ensure your pet safe use.

The Dog Slow Feeder bowl can be used on the floor or mat. Six small rubber anti-skid pads are installed at the bottom of the bowl, which can effectively prevent the Food bowl from moving or turning over on the floor.

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is very easy to use and clean, can be rinsed with water or placed in the dishwasher.


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