Squeaky Octopus

This toy has zigzag molar bumps that can better clean the hard and dirt of the dog’s teeth. Apply toothpaste or attractant to the outside of the tooth cleaning channel, and let your dog clean his teeth while playing. This little octopus toy ball is soft enough to prevent damage to the dog’s gums and prevent oral diseases.

This squeaky little octopus-shaped dog toy has a built-in sound device on the top. The dog makes a “squeak” sound when chewing and playing, which attracts the dog’s attention and enhances the dog’s fun.

The zigzag shape around this toy can be used to place dog snacks, which can be pulled out when the dog is playing to improve the dog’s predatory ability and brain power, and eat while playing to slow down the meal speed and for ease of digestion. This little octopus dog refuses to use high-quality TPR, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and harmless toys.


The small spherical octopus is suitable for outdoor and indoor play, and can also be used as a toy for the dog to bathe or in their swimming pools.


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